Are you Applying to IU International University of Applied Sciences?

How does it work?

If you are a student applying for the IU University of Applied Sciences, and you need your documents translated, you need to contact the University directly, so they can tell you how to proceed. This information is provided on IU University's website here and here. You will need to register and submit the documents via a specific platform after the University has inserted your request in the platform, not through the general "Request for Quote" form in our website.

You can find more information in this document:

IU's admission team will make a request to us, and you will then receive an email with a link AFTER they have created the request. You should visit that link, fill out your personal information, and submit the documentation requested.

You should not submit your documentation BEFORE you receive that email, since that will delay your application process.

If you think you should have received an email already, please contact IU University and ask them if they have made the request already in our system.

After you have uploaded the documents asked by IU University, we will receive an email with the request and will then prepare the quote.

We hope this is clear. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the admissions office at